Thursday, 25 October 2012

Schwarzkopf ESSENSITY/Ammonia-free permanent hair colour

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the LookandLearn seminar about Essensity hair colours. 

Seminar was led by Matej Bogataj at ASK Academy in Vitez. Matej is a Schwarzkopf Professional ambassador for hair colours for the Adria region.

Schwarzkopf's has created their first organic, permanent oil-in-cream hair colour-Schwarzkopf ESSENSITY.

ESSENSITY's ingredients are naturally derived and it contains absolutely NO AMMONIA, artificial fragrances, silicones, paraffin, mineral oils or parabens.

Instead of chemicals, organic Grape Seed Oil and natural Ectoin provide regenerative and strengthening properties to leave hair feeling supple and beautifully conditioned, with long-lasting colour and glossy shine.
ESSENSITY provides up to 100% grey coverage, 10 levels of depth and 4 levels of lift in over 50 stunning colour shades across 9 colour families: Nature, Nature+, Cedar, Bamboo, Honey, Havana, Oak, Teak and Autumn Leaf.

It’s a salon-only range of hair color and styling products.

ESSENSITY is also a healthier choice for the planet.
It’s nice to see that big companies are finally starting to think this way.

ESSENSITY offers 100% Performance and 0% Comprimise, Superb Performance - Powered by Nature. ESSENSITY Colour Innovation: 0% Ammonia & Odor with 100% Performance ( up to 100% white hair coverage & 4 levels of lift) in 2 steps only.

 They also use packaging materials that are 100% recyclable.

"We avoid using aerosol applications and unnecessary folding boxes."

Essensity is a first colour, care and styling brand combining a high degree of naturalness without compromising performance.

Visit Schwarzkopf Professional for more informations.

I also met Brigitte Dabere. She's a brand manager CEE of Schwarzkop Professional.

Maja my hairdresser for that day could not have been more brilliant :)

Have you tried any products of Schwarzkopf's Essensity range?



  1. interesting :)
    To be honest I do not like the company's products, but no everyone will / like something else :)
    I invite you to me for a new post :)

  2. Aa, joj, kako mi je zao sto nisam isla.
    Cula sam da ste se odlicno proveli :)


  3. Izgledaš savršeno na slikama. :*

    1. Jako si me obradovala svojim komentarom!
      Od srca hvala <3


  4. Super post!!
    Svidja mi se sta si podelila sa nama!!

  5. Where can I find a complete list of ingredients for Essensity Hair Color


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