Saturday, 31 March 2012

New brushes

I ordered these brushes from ebay, almost a month ago. And finnally they arrived this morning :)

You can find this set HERE, HERE or HERE.

The kit has a variety of brushes.
Package includes:

 1. Large Powder Brush
 2. Blush Brush
 3. Foundation Brush
 4. Bronzer Brush
 5. Fluff Brush
 6. Shader Brush
 7. Small Angle Brush
 8. Eyeliner Brush
 9. Flat Dispersion Brush
10. Eyelid Brush
11. Daping Eyeshadow Brush
12. Flat Eyeshadow Brush
13. Beveled Eyeshadow Brush
14. Cone-shaped Eyeshadow Brush
15. Small Cone-shaped Eyeshadow Brush
16. Concealer Brush
17. Fine Eyeliner Brush
18. Lip Brush
19. Eyebrow Brush
20. Diagonal Brow Brush
21. Eye Contour Brush
22. Eye Smudge Brush
23. Touch-up Brush
24. Eye Definer Brush

They are great brushes for amazing price. Each brush came in a protective cellophane bag. 
Great quality and design of carrying bag. Simple wooden handles and all brushes were firmly fixed to the handles. Very soft and gentle brushes.
All brushes have a good finish, do not loosen the bristles when it passes the makeup on your face. I am super pleased! I am just amazed at the quality of these. I have a few Sigma brushes they are great but these I am going to use everyday.
Does anyone have any recommendations? 

Friday, 30 March 2012

Floral pants/trousers

Floral pants are becoming the new must have (printed pants in general). If you really want to follow this trend,  wear the trousers with a bright top or go head to toe in floral. Floral print is a great symbolism for spring.

With so many different options, there is a way for everyone to wear this trend. Florals pants are really happening right now. They’re everywhere.

 I have spotted some at H&MAsos and ebay.  They are fun for the spring/summer and a great change from the standard blue jeans. They come in tons of different types of pants: harem pants, wide leg, cropped, leggings ...

 You can either go with a more classic look and just wear a neutral colored shirt, or you can wear a striped top or even a leopard print top. You can read HERE how to wear floral pants :)

Julia-Gal meets glam

Shea Marie-Cheyenne Meets Chanel
Aimee-Song of Style

Let flowers grow in your legs :)
I think floral pants are a bit of a bold move.
What do you think of the floral trend? Will you be wearing floral pants this season?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


How have you guys been? I am sorry I haven't updated my blog for so long. I kinda feel bad. I was so busy last week. I studied every single day. Also I was redecorating my room. My mom helped me to pick some new furniture, paint colors and things like that. And  finally we finished my room :) It looks really great, so fresh and clean.

Today I want to talk about asymmetric dresses.
I apsolutely love them, especially with the long hem at the back. They are a very unique and fun style. I've seen these skirts and dresses everywhere.
I love asymmetric hems. I recently bought a black chiffon skirt with an asymmetric hem. It is such a fun chic dress/skirt  to own.

What do you think of this trend? 

I’m in love with the flower print, do you like it? 

Have a great day!
Kisses <3