Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Yellow-colored objects appear to be gold

Yellow-colored objects appear to be gold.
 When you feel like wearing single colour it's all in details. 
I simply love the combination of an all-black outfit with gold jewelry. Gold can be so elegant, chic and stylish at the same time.


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Took my bunny for a walk

It has been snowing these last two days....making me want to do nothing but drink hot chocolate and hang out with a good book. Finally the sun came out and snow is slowly melting! Anyway, I recently got this sweater from SheInside. I have been wearing it none-stop.  It’s so comfortable which means...perfection!


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Break the rule

Even a navy blue dress ,sailor-inspired, should get some play in your winter wardrobe. I'm really not a fan of switching out my spring/summer and fall/winter clothes as I like to wear all of my stuff all year round. don't usually wear this much short dresses but I have this one. I like the combination of a lighter dress  and a heavy coat (when the weather allows me)And of course I added my newest hat and knee high faux suede boots (even though I' am quite short).


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

International giveaway-CLOSED

Dragi moji, blog Beauty RollerCoaster u saradanji sa online shopom nagradit će vas sa komadom nakita po vašoj želji. Na vama je samo da odabere pravi komad za sebe s tim da ne smije biti skuplji od 8$.

Hi lovely people. Great news for you today! New giveaway thanks to have a chance  to win a piece of jewelry of your choice under 8$.

Sve što trebate uraditi je:

1) Registrovati se na
3) Pratite moj blog na vama najlakši način Facebook Beauty RollerCoasterBloglovin  ili preko Google Friend Connect -Followers 
4) Ostavite e-mail adresu sa kojom ste se registrovali na Thboxes u komentaru ispod ovog posta .

I to je sve! Igramo se do 5. marta i pobjednicu će izabrati!
Sretno svima ♥ 


All you have to do is:

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3) Follow my blog on Facebook page Beauty RollerCoaster or on Bloglovin or on Google Friend Connect
4) Leave the email address with which you registered on in the comments below.

The giveaway closes on March 5th and the winner will be chosen by!
Good luck ♥

Monday, 18 February 2013


Isabel Marant Dicker suede taupe ankle boots, with a modern western inspired style, were everybody's favourite boot :) This season there are new Isabel Marant beauties that are making major waves in fashionistas circles. I'm sure you know what I am talking about, Isabel Marant sneakers and Milwaukee, Blackson and Berry boot. Well let me tell you that they are quite price, you need to break the bank to own a pair of  these. Thankfully there are some cheaper options. 


Friday, 15 February 2013

Featured in ... Urban Magazin

Beauty RollerCoaster was featured in the bosnian print magazine Urban Magazin, February issue <3 One of the top themes of this issue is Who is behind the best blogsAnd I'm in the “trend” section, page 58 . I knew it was happening as the lovely editor at Urban Magazin contacted me with some questions, but there is nothing like seeing it in print! I am extremely proud and happy! Huge thanks to Urban Magazin for making me part of this issue!

Also featured are some of my favorite blogs, so make sure to get your copy and check out blogs from my lovely friends!


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Black and white

Another amazing meetup with my blogger girls. Who knew I would meet so many fabulous girls and make so many friendships. We never ran out of topics and  we always have so much fun when we hang out together. Thanks for the wonderful time girls!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Kermit The Frog

It was a lovely day with my beautiful blogger girls.
The best thing about blogging are amazing girls you meet.
Here are some of the pictures showing what I was wearing.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

1st Blog Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to Beauty RollerCoaster!  Exactly one year ago on this day, I wrote my very first blog post.  How exciting! I am proud to say that I have made it to one year of blogging. A year has flown by and I’m so happy to be here, blogging. It’s been quite the journey. This blog is like a diary or journal for me.

Blogging is a lot more work than you think at first but I truly enjoy in every minute. Beyond some pretty stats, the best part of blogging is definitely connecting with so many great people. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet people that have become some awesome blogging friends
Friends who enriched my life with their posts and had given me more inspiration. It’s truly amazing how the internet can make the world such a small place! This is a amazing community. I also had the wonderful opportunity to partner with great shops and companies.  I have learned so much 
just by writing this blog and taking photos for it. But I still have so much more to learn. 

It's been such a great year, and my blog is so much more successful than I'd ever imagined. I still have a long way to go before I feel close to being the blogger I would like to be. I’m enjoying every minute of the ride.
A special thank to each and everyone of you who has stuck with me throughout this entire year. To all of you have been a part of my blogging journey, I want to say an enormous thank you!  

I will be hosting a new giveaway in a day or two!

Monday, 11 February 2013


I'm a huge fan of the sale periods. But I really don't like shopping with large crowds, it’s so hectic. Long lines and huge crowds can make shopping stressful! But I actually got some amazing deals.

Picture 1: bag Parfois
Picture 2: Avon GLOW bronzing pearls, Max Factor 2000 calories
Picture 3: necklace ebay 
Picture 4: earrings Parfois
Picture 5: shirts Pimky

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Heart manicure

If you're looking manicure idea for a Valentine's Day, let this be the one! 

I often do my nails myself but it's usually something really simple… a one coat of something neutral or classic red. Since it's Valentine's Week, I thought that I would fancy it up a bit. Enjoy in my little picture tutorial!

Deborah ShineTECH number 13 
Essence multidimension xxxl shine
Miss Sporty Et Voila! French Manicure 04

How to:

Fold a piece of tape in half (draw heart shape on the tape for a guide)...

               ...and cut out half of a heart.

Paint your nails with a base color of your choice. After your base color is dry apply the tape on your nail.  With a red or pink nail polish paint over the heart cut out and then quickly but carefully remove glue tape. Just make sure to remove the tape while the polish is still wet. Repeat the same step until you are satisfied with the look. At the end add top coat. 
Et voila!

Have fun creating any color combination you like!
Let me know what you think 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Beauty news-L’Occitane karite i med kolekcija

L'Occitane je lansirao novu limitiranu kolekciju proizvoda za njegu kože čiji su glavni sastojci karite maslac i med.

Shea maslac je izvrstan u borbi protiv isušenosti. Shea butter, shea maslac, karité, mandigo... sve su to nazivi za masno ulje koje se dobiva od ploda oraha iz Afričkog shea stabla (karité drveta; Vitallaria paradoxa) koje raste u polusušnim savanama srednje i zapadne Afrike. Svjetski je poznat francuski naziv karité maslac, pa najčešće srećemo upravo taj naziv.

Već generacijama, žene u Burkini Faso, u Africi njeguju i hrane svoju kožu karite maslacem, hidratizirajućom pastom dobivenom iz karite oraščića. Karite orah prirodno raste u tropskoj Africi. Njegova visina doseže od 12 do 20m i  živi od 200 do 300 godina. Potrebno je 30-ak godina prije nego što se pojavi njegov plod – orah. Intenzivna poljoprivreda i požari prilično su ugrozili njegovo stanište. Uzgoj je pravi izazov i zahtijeva strpljenje. Najplodnija su stabla starija od 100 godina. Sadrži velike količine  nezasićenih masnih kiselina (stearinska, palmitinska, oleinska i linolinska), vitamine E, A i F,  visok sadržaj proteina i mineralaUravnotežen omjer zasićenih i nezasićenih masnih kiselina čini da maslac stvori "zaštitni sloj" na koži koji sprječava gubitak vlage iz kože i ubrzava obnavljanje stanica.

Zbog svog sastava nezamjenjiv je u preparativnoj kozmetici. Idealan je za njegu suhe, dehidrirane, umorne i naborane kože (anti-aging efekt). Također djeluje protuupalno, pomaže kod raznih oboljenja kože: psorijaze, seboreje, ekcema, neurodermtisa i akni, zacjeljivanja manjih rana, ogrebotina i opeklina. Duboko prodire u kožu, obnavlja je, hrani i hidratizira. Odličnog je djelovanja kod tretmana strija i ožiljaka. Čuva kožu od štetnih vanjskih utjecaja, štetnog UV zračenja i prijevremenog starenja. A u kombinaciji sa medom  ovi proizvodi omekšavaju, ublažuju i umiruje i najosjetljiviju kožu.

L'Occitane je 1980.godine uspostavio trajno partnerstvo s proizvođačicama iz Burkine Faso od kojih otkupljuje dragocjeni karite puter po pravilima pravedne trgovine.Treba posebno naglasiti da L'Occitane Zaklada pridonosi ekonomskoj emancipaciji žena također projektima opismenjavanja i podrškom njihovih poduzetničkih poduhvata.

Shea maslac je blago žućkaste boje ili boje slonove kosti. Ponekad u literaturi možemo pronaći naziv i "ženino" ili "afričko zlato". Ekstrakcija maslaca iz ploda omogućava posao i prihode hiljadama žena iz ruralnih dijelova Afrike. Afrička je tradicija da je dodirivanje shea drveta kao i branje plodova i prerađivanje dozvoljeno isključivo ženama. Neka plemena u Africi vjeruju da kožu namazanu shea maslacem čak ni metak ne može probiti! Zbog svega toga sječa ovog stabla je zabranjena. 

Za 20 kilograma maslaca potrebno je oko 100 kg suhih plodova oraha karité drveta.

U ovoj kolekciji, koja je limitirano izdanje, možete pronaći četiri nova proizvoda:
  •              Karite krema za ruke s medom, 30 ml (13,50 KM)
  •              Pjenušavi gel s karite maslacem i medom, 250 ml (29,00 KM)
  •              Karite maslac s medom, 8 ml 
  •              Raskošna krema za tijelo s karite maslacem i medom, 125 ml (41,00 KM).

Krema za ruke sa  čak 20% karite maslaca obogaćena je ekstraktima meda, badema i kokosovim uljem. Nanesite Karite kremu s medom te će vaši dodiri biti meki i slatki.

Raskošna krema za tijelo sa karite maslacem i medom lagana  poput zraka, nevjerojatno glatka na dodir i svilenkasto meka. Sadrži hidratantni ekstrakt meda i 10% hranjivog karite putera za dubinski hidratiziranu, nahranjenu i zaštićenu kožu. Ova krema svojim nježnim dodirom svakodnevno njeguje kožu i obavija vaše tijelo toplim mirisom meda. 

Karite maslac s medom sa visokim udjelom dragocjenog karite maslaca. Raskošna formula bogate teksture hrani, omekšava i štiti vašu kožu. Ovo praktično i privlačno pakovanje od 8 ml možete ponijeti svugdje sa sobom.

Pjenušavi gel s karite maslacem i medom lagane tekuće teksture. L'Occitane je  razvio pravi "med za tuširanje" koji svakodnevno čisti kožu nježnim dodirima omekšavajućeg karite maslaca i ublažujućeg meda.

Karite maslac i med odlična su kombinacija za njegu i zaštitu isušenih područja kože. Karite maslac je pronašao svoje mjesto u kozmetici kao "SOS rješenje za suhu kožu". I jako osjetljiva koža gotovo nikad loše ne reagira na njega, a siguran je za upotrebu i kod  beba. Već možete pretpostaviti da sam zaljubljena u ovu kolekciju :)

Posjetite L'Occitane en Provence - Bosna i Hercegovina na oficijelnoj Facebook stranici.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Designer vs. Highstreet

The best designer stores are fascinating and also really expensive. But  some of our favourite online  stores gave us the chance to wear a designer look a like pieces at ridiculously low prices like Kenzo sweater, Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots etc. Here are some pieces that I found interesting and amazing bargains found. Enjoy! 

Read my previous post about the same theme Trendy heels for less.

Stella McCartney $673 - Forever 21 $32

Balenciaga about $1.800 - VJ Style $48.99

Miu Miu $784 - Simmi Shoes $35

Alexa Chung Wearing Valentino Clutch Bag $1.295.00 - VJ Style $28.99 

Philip Lim $1.070 - VJ Style $45.99

 Michael Kors Slash Gown  $3.995 - Topshop $100 

Acne Pistol Boot $568.382 - Matalan $34.83

Chloe $477 - ebay $57

Christian Louboutin $1.163.82 - River Island $103

The Ultimate Givenchy $1600 - Jessica Buurman $189

Jimmy Choo Leather Loafers $495 - Steven by Steve Madden Flats $119 

                                                   DVF low rise jeans $372 - Topshop Jordans jeans by Motel $76

Tory Burch 797 Suede Satchel $625 - VJ Style $42.99

DMSX by Donald J Pliner $198 - Giuseppe Zanotti Fold-Over Zip Ankle Boots $995

Dior about $4,290.00 - Romwe $72.99

did you find this post interesting?