Friday, 25 May 2012

Summer hair style//Braids

Hair braiding is an ancient art, practiced by the Ancient Egyptians as long ago as 4000 BC. Today it has become a hot  fashion trend with so many styles. We have  fishtail braid, french braid, dutch braid, rope braid, swiss braid...etc.

Braid is a structure of hair that is made by weaving three or more strands of hair together.

When you decide to braid your hair,  make sure your hair is in good condition, or you will experience breakage and damage. Your hair should have elasticity. This is a natural condition of hair fibers and will be present in all hair that has not been chemically treated. 


Hair braiding is one of the most versatile ways to style your hair.

This is my favourite hair style for summer. Summer is all about staying cool. A great way to do that is to braid our hair. And braids are also my go to hair style for rainy days.

Here are some of my favourite braids that you can try this summer:

My favourite is braided top knot. Super easy and quick to do :) Gather your hair into a ponytail on top of your head. The higher, the better. Make a loose braid all the way down the tail. Pin the braid in place with bobby pins and that is it. 
 What are your favorite braided hairstyles?

Good luck ;)


  1. I love braided hair, there's something about it that's super sexy and cool! Amazing collection of hair inspiration you have here - I feel as if my weekend is now set!

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. I Love braided hair.
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  3. Odličan post... ja sam definitivno uvijek za pletenice, pogotovo pletenice na dignutoj kosi, tipa julija timošenko, hehehhee.... uvijek si volim taj look napravit :)

    velika pusaaa <3

  4. Predivno! Obožavam pletenice, naročito riblje kosti! Nažalost, nikako ne uspevam da naučim da ih pravim. Gledala sam različite tutorijale i nijedan mi nije pomogao. :(
    Mnogo mi se dopada tvoj blog. :D Pratim te!

  5. Love those braided styles! I think I like the braided buns the best

  6. Prelepe su sve. :D Steta sto nemam strpljenja ni najmanju i najobicniju da napravim. :P

  7. These are really great and amazing <3

  8. great post !
    gorgeous <3
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  9. I would like to but my hair are too short.....

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  11. Bile su mi omiljene dok sam imala dugu kosu,divno;)

  12. I love braids, they can work dressed up or down. Still trying to get the fishtail down pat, but it's so hard :( But then again, you have to work for beauty :)


  13. Predivan post :) Obozavam ovako opusrene i neobavezne frizurice :) Svaka cast za post,odusevila sam se :)

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  15. Divno, divno.. obozavam frizure sa pletenicama jos kad bih umela sve da napravim ovo bilo bi sjajno :D

  16. Slike su odlične,svaka frizura mi je prelepa! Ne bih mogla izdvojiti čak ni jednu da mi se ne svidja! :)

  17. love it!
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