Thursday, 16 February 2012

New shoes

I bought new heels yesterday.
I walked into this store to check some things...and  I picked up this pair.

Heel height: 13, 5cm and a platform height of 3cm.
You can find them HERE or HERE.

And truth is I didn't even notice any other pair. I immediately knew they were the shoes for me. I didn’t even try on anything else. I love my new shoes. 

I'm thinking of pairing them with some simple jeans and a shirt. 

Something like this:

They’re phenomenally flattering.
Brown or tan footwear allows those viewing your outfit to concentrate on the outfit itself.
Heels elongate the legs, nude heels give the illusion of lengthening them.

What do you think of my shoes?
Love it or hate it?

P.S. they were on sale :D Who can pass up on a SALE :)

I love high heels  <3


  1. Predivne su! i boja, i model...jedva čekao outfti post s njima! :)

    1. Drago mi je da vam se sviđaju ;) malo ćemo sačekati do outfita s obzirom na ovaj snijeg. Ali definitivno bit će neki <3

  2. Good post. I´ll be back here more often.

  3. amazing shoes, but I can't walking in high heels ;p
    it is tiring for me;)

    and beautiful inspirations!

    1. Thank you :) Well it's all about practise. The best way to become a pro at walking in high heels is to do it as often as possible <3

  4. DIVNE :)

  5. Meni su super, boja mi se jako svidja:)

  6. Prelepe :D
    Stalno snimam takve cipelice u Officu i da moram da biram ne znam ni za koje bih se pre odlucila :)

  7. divne su. :) boja im je savrsena.


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